Sunday, 15 April 2012

Boys and Fire

Fun in the garden.

An impromptu decision by Richard to burn some rubbish in the garden made two little boys very happy. Max can be so loving and playful and he is never happier than when playing with his friend from next door.There are days when you think things will never get easier then we remember that a year ago Max would have to be closely supervised, the play session would have probably ended with Max attacking his friend. His social skills and ability to communicate are really improving and now he is able to play without becoming angry and frustrated. It makes us so happy to think that Max can now play and interact well with other children. Strangely I think it is the added confidence that he has gained from going to Special School that has helped this progress.   

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  1. Max never fails to cheer me up Caroline! When I've got a spare minute I'll do a link to disability rocks on my blog page.